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Restoring Your POWER of Words
Specializing in Accent Reduction Training and Remediation of Speech Disorders....

At The Speech Coach, PLLC, we really care about the outcome of our services and strive to provide effective speech therapy techniques in a fun and comfortable atmosphere. We treat all of our clients like part of our family! Changing your speech....changing your life! 

Including but not limited to....
Accent Reduction Training
Articulation Disorders/Delays 
Lisp and Tongue Thrust 
Apraxia of Speech
Augmentative & Alternative Communication
LSVT LOUD Voice Training
Dysphagia Treatment
Language Disorders due to Autism or Stroke 

Serving Children and Adults​

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Using the latest technologies in the field of Speech Pathology!   

Virtual Classrooms
Touch Screen Computers
Speech Buddies